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360 Property Inventory

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360 Property Inventory

The 360 Property Inventory report takes place when a new tenant is moving into the property and can be combined with a tenant check in. The Property Inventory is a full report compiling details of the fixtures and fittings of the property.

Photographs cover internal and external features and also provides supporting photographs. The 360 property inventory report acts as a record of the condition of the report when tenants move in. This can be compared with the condition the property is left in when tenants move out.

Whilst many landlords, agents and tenants are aware of the importance of a property inventory, the 360 degree inventory adds an extra level of detail and protection for all parties. During the 360 Property Inventory, the clerk will take full 360 degree photographs using specialist equipment, the photographs will be taken in each room of the property.

This is a useful tool for agents to view a specific part of the room that may not be covered by photographs and also provides landlords/agents who cant visit the property themself, a better idea of the overall appearance and condition. 360 degree inventories start at only £25 more than a typical inventory so can be a good investment.