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Sample Reports

At Inventory Company we use High Quality Professional inventory base software to ensure all of our reports are easy to read and of a high standard. We don’t use  acronyms or jargon that’s difficult to decipher but we do provide a comprehensive and detailed report with supporting photographs. All fire/safety alarms are tested as well as all windows, lights and doors to ensure an accurate report. See below for more detailed information on all of our report types:



Inventory reports are usually conducted at the start of a tenancy and can be done in conjunction with a tenant check in. The report comprises of detailed descriptions of the contents of the property in order to accurately describe the condition at the time. The report covers everything from light switches to oven’s and each item is accompanied by supporting photographs. Tenants and landlords have the opportunity to sign the report digitally, and to add any comments if necessary.



Check Our Reports are conducted at the end of a tenancy. During a check-out we will compare the original inventory with the state of the property as we see it now. This is important in order to determine whether there are any changes or damages that may affect a tenant deposit. The Check Out report is clearly laid out and the only items photographed are those that differ from the condition at the check in. At the end of the report, the ‘actions’ section will list any defects/damages and a suggestion of where liability lies.



Mid-term inspections, otherwise known as property inspections or mid-term reports, are useful for both tenants and landlords.

A visit to the property helps catch any issues early on and gives both parties a chance to address any problems before they worsen. The clerk will check for signs of smoking, pets and the number of tenants as well as the overall condition of the property.


The 360 Inventory Report is our newest offering and is very popular with estate agencies! The 360 report contains everything that a traditional inventory report does but with the addition of 360 photographs for each room. This enables agents to get a better understanding of the property condition, as well as a closer look of where any damage is located.