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Mid Term Inspection

Mid term inspections are usually carried out on a quarterly or 6-monthly basis, they comprise of a basic report detailing the condition of the property at the time. These reports are useful to ensure that any issues with the property or tenants can be identified quickly. By having a report compiled mid way through teh tenant, teh landlord or agent has an opportunity to ensure any issues are rectified quickly and prevents a shock when the tenants check out.

The cost of a mid-term inspection starts from only £45+VAT and can be conducted with or without the tenants present. During the inspection our dedicated inventory clerks will check the entirety of the property, paying special attention to any signs of smoking, pets or unauthorised tenants in the property. The finished report will include information on any noticed issues, any smells present, the general cleanliness and condition as well as an overview of each room and if any damage was discovered in them.