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Inventory FAQ’s

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Inventory FAQ’s

Here at Inventory Company, we’ve complied all of your frequently asked questions into one handy section!

If you have any queries that aren’t listed below, please feel free to contact us using the details here.

What is a Property Inventory?

A property inventory is legally binding document that provides an accurate and in-depth report relating to the condition and contents of a rental property. Reports can take place at any time but is most commonly done when tenants check-in and check-out of a property, as well as mid-term.

Do I need a Property Inventory?

It is highly recommended that Landlords get an independent inventory as it is a legal document that will be called upon if there were to be a dispute with the condition of the property. Rent deposit schemes and courts will also refer to the document to decide liability for damage.

Can I do my property inventory myself?

DIY inventories are often a false economy. Inventories should always be undertaken by a fully independent third party to prevent any bias taking place in the report. Conducting an inventory yourself leaves you vulnerable if there were to be a legal dispute.

What to expect from an inventory report?

At Inventory Company we pride ourselves on providing very detailed, comprehensive reports to all our clients throughout OxfordLondonHigh Wycombe & surrounding areas.. On average you will receive betweeen 30-60 pages of images and detail relating to the condition of the property. This will provide landlords with a reliable reference document for their property and can be compared to previous reports to review any changes.

Do I need to be present at an Inventory appointment?

No, we can conduct an inventory without anyone present if you would like us too. We do recommend that Tenants are present on check-in and check-out inventory’s but it’s not a problem if they are not as all of our reports can be viewed virtually.

How do I view my inventory Report?

After we have completed the report, you will receive an email with your log-in details to gain access to the online portal where you can view it in full. You then have the option to add any comments and both Landlords and Tenants can sign virtually to confirm their agreement.

Are Inventory Clerks Regulated?

Legally, no they don’t have to be. However, at Inventory Company we always go above what is expected of us and we are registered with the Property Redress Scheme. We are also fully insured.

Can my Estate Agent Conduct my Inventory?

The issue of bias may arise if your estate agent conducts your inventory and this could lead to problems if there were a dispute. All regulatory companies recommend an independent, unbiased, third party. Your Estate Agent may recommend an independent company.