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Check Out

The check out takes place when a tenancy ends. The purpose of the check out is to assess the property for any changes or damages that may have occurred throughout the tenancy so that they can be rectified quickly. In order to correctly assess the changes, ideally, we need to see a copy of the original inventory from when the tenant checked in. We will then upload this to our system and our clerk will visit the property with this document displayed so that the can reference it throughout the inspection

The clerk will then check the current condition of items against how they were described on the check in. Anything that differs will be highlighted, described, photographed and listed as an ‘action’ with a suggestion of who is liable for this. You will receive the full check out report instantly after completion, with the ‘schedule of liability’ listed separately for a quick overview of any issues. All parties will have the opportunity to sign and comment on the report after it is completed.