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Cleaning is the most common cause of tenancy deposit dispute claims

Cleaning is revealed as the top reason for tenancy deposit disputes


The 2020 annual review from The Dispute Service (TDS) has claimed that cleaning Is the most common reason for a tenancy deposit dispute, highlighting the importance of detailed and accurate inventories on check in and check out as well as well-written agency agreements.

The findings of the report concluded that cleaning accounted for 42% of TDS’s insured claims. The proportion of disputes raised by tenants also increased from 67% in 2019 to 64% in 2020.

Other reasons for disputes include gardening and maintenance issues, rental arrears, damage and decoration.

The importance of a clear and detailed inventory is made clear by these findings. Landlords and letting agents often skip the full detail and accompanying photographs in favour of a cheaper option, what they later find is that this was in fact a false economy as lack of detail can result in failure to claim back for damage and cleaning requirements.

Inventories should be conducted when a tenant first checks in and agreed by all parties and again on check out, with a direct comparison of all aspects relating to the condition and cleanliness.


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