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Pet Friendly Tenancy Agreements

The Ministry of Housing announced a change to the government’s standard tenancy contract last month with the aim of making it easier for tenants with pets to find rental accommodation. This has been a move the government has been edging closer towards, as the issue of finding a property has been prevalent amongst pet owners for years.

Instead of landlords being able to issue a ban on pets, acceptance will become the norm with any objections by the landlord needing to be made in writing and with good reason.

Whilst well behaved pets can make a wonderful addition to a home and provide no issues for landlords, mishandled agreements can lead to disputes. You are currently unable to request a higher deposit due to pet ownership so along with good insurance, well prepared inventory reports are vital.

Top damages that have been noted by our clerks involve –

  • Carpet stains and smells
  • Pet hair
  • Damage to door frames, skirting boards and doors
  • Chewed furniture and woodwork
  • Smells and hair clinging to curtains and blinds.
  • Newly installed pet devises (Such as cat flaps)
  • Garden damage including patches, signs of digging or undisposed of waste.


The importance of a good check in and check out inventory is even more evident when renting to pet owners.

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