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Should I arrange a mid-term inspection?

Should I book a mid-term inspection?

It’s a question landlords often wonder, is it really worth having a mid-term inspection? You check the property and prepare the inventory when the tenants move in, and you do the same when they move out, so is it really worth arranging a mid-term inspection? In this post we explore the reasons that yes, we recommended you do arrange a mid-term inspection of your rental property.

Identify any issues early

A mid-term inspection can pick up issues arising within the property at an early enough date to get them under control. For example, many tenants benefit from advise about damp and condensation and how they can prevent this happening, by identifying the issue early on, steps can be taken to prevent this becoming a more serious problem on check out. Likewise some tenants don’t report issues for fear of upsetting the landlord, this can in turn lead to far bigger – and more expensive – repair job.

Ensure the rules of the tenancy are being abided by

A mid-term inspection can ensure there is no illegal activity taking place at the property as well as ensure there is no smoking, pets without permission or multiple people living in the property.

Tenant Relations

Arranging a mid-term inspection can be a great way to keep on good terms with your tenants. Some tenants may feel they are not listened too or may have an issue they’ve been hoping to raise. By having regular inspections, they have the opportunity to raise these points and know that its being relayed back to the landlord. Having a positive tenant-landlord relationship is vital in a successful tenancy.

Should I hire a professional for my mid-term inspection?

We are contracted for mid-term inspections regularly. They are relatively low-cost inspections but can save you time and money in the long run. Tenants tend to be more forthcoming with an independent entity and as professionals, we know what to look for, as well as where things may be hidden.

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