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What Does An Inventory Clerk Do & Why Should I Hire One?

Factories, retailers, wholesale outlets, distribution centers, and all the homeowners need someone to keep track of everything before renting their buildings or properties to tenants for business, residential, or any other purposes.

The inventory Clerk is the one who is particularly hired to keep track of goods and carry out all the management tasks whenever a landlord rents his property to a tenant.

Let’s study in detail the duties and responsibilities of the inventory clerk and see why every landlord should consider hiring one.

What does an Inventory Clerk do & why should I hire one?

If you want to rent a property successfully, you should know how to deal with letting property that includes tangible or intangible possessions owned by someone.

Here are the major reasons why every stock management should be carried out with the help of an inventory clerk.

  • Both tenants, as well as landlords, should understand the importance of inventory clerks. A broken window, a marked wall or anything that is not in the original condition can not only be financially burdening for the landlord but also cost tenants a deduction from their deposit.
  • Hiring a professional and independent inventory clerk will keep you at maximum ease because he is responsible for the protection of the landlord’s property as well as the tenant’s deposit.
  • An independent inventory service or clerk is responsible for the prevention of disputes and any issues that may occur during the checking in and checking out. It is a time-saving and cost-effective solution for both tenants as well as landlords.
  • It is a common observation that whenever damages occur in the property, various clashes occur between parties. Tension may escalate when both parties keep on supporting or refuting the claims without any evidence. At this stage, you will realise how important it was to hire an inventory service or clerk.


How does a professional inventory clerk carry out inventory management tasks?

A professional and skilled inventory clerk knows how to note everything down regarding the condition of the property as well as the contents in it.

  • He creates videos, takes photos of the property and keeps them as proof of the condition of the property before it is left to a tenant.
  • He notes everything down and makes a detailed description regarding the contents and initial condition of the property.
  • Skilled inventory clerk also keeps on visiting the property by conducting mid-tenancy inspection and keeps on gathering the proof of the damages or any other changes that may occur with time.

It is worth mentioning that generally, a tenant has to pay a deposit equal to the rent of five months. The return of the deposit depends upon the condition of the property at the time the tenant leaves.

The inventory clerk provides written and visual proof of the tenancy condition at the end of the original condition of the property.

So the release chances of any disputes that may occur between the landlord and the tenants.

What is an Inventory?

To keep both landlords as well as tenants at maximum ease, a detailed and comprehensive document is prepared by an Inventory clerk which is called an inventory. This document is in the interest of both parties, however, the landlord commissions it.

When should an inventory be done?

If both tenant and landlord agree to hire the inventory clerk, they should do an inventory as soon as possible.

As we know that it is compulsory for both the parties to agree with the inventory report, it is recommended to do it one day before the tenant moves to the home.

In case it is done after the tenant has spent a few days in the new property, the discrepancies and issues may arise if the landlord observes any change in the condition of the property.

Why do I need an inventory?

The most prominent benefit of hiring an inventory clerk is that you can prevent future issues because everything is noted in the inventory report. Moreover, the inventory clerk also goes the extra mile in ensuring the maximum safety and protection of all the assets and tries his best to reduce the risks of all the issues that are likely to occur.

He focuses on creating an unbiased report on which both parties agree. When everything is clear and evident, nothing can make the parties feel unprotected.

However, the channel cannot be held responsible for the normal wear and tear and all the information must be factual and realistic.

What should be included in an inventory?

Skilled and professional inventory clerk makes sure to enlist everything in the inventory report that is part of the landlord’s property.

In fact, everything that can be seen and provided by the landlord for the tenant to use is included in the inventory report. However, to give you an idea, we are going to mention some of them.


  • All the fittings and pictures that are originally the property of the landlord should be included in an inventory.
  • The inventory should also contain all the information regarding the heating appliances, light fitting was sealing as well as door frames and plug sockets.
  • The pictorial, as well as video evidence of the utility reading, should also be added to the inventory report.
  • A detailed video of the internal as well as an external portion of the building should be created so that no issues can arise in the future.

and much more!

You can get rid of creating inventory reports and lists if you hire a professional inventor clerk.

Final Verdict

The inventory clerk has an excellent knowledge of how to make inventory reports and what kind of visuals are required for future evidence. In most cases, landlords and tenants may not agree when it comes to returning the funds.

So it is better to hire and commission an inventory clerk to ensure the smooth operation of renting a property.

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