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Student Property Check Outs: A guide

It’s that time of year again where bookings for check out inventories for student properties begins to soar! Students make up 20% of all movements in the rental market, so its no surprise that student check out time can be a busy time for landlords and tenants. We’ve compiled our list of tips for how to make a student property check out as smooth sailing as possible. See below our top tips:

Book your student Check Out Inventory as soon as possible:

Although you probably have a lot to do before your student checks out, get an inventory booked immediately. Inventory companies book up very quickly in the summer months. We always recommend booking the check out for the day the tenants move, as the timestamp will help you incase of dispute. The clerk can meet the students at the property and return the keys to you. . So if you haven’t booked your student check out inventory yet, now is the time!

Arrange a pre-check out visit

Disrepairs and difficulties post check out isn’t something that’s limited to students, but it is something that happens. If possible, plan to visit the property in the month leading up to the check out. This helps you to identify anything that may need fixing, cleaning or replacing before they move out. Your tenants will appreciate the heads up and it lets you know what to expect before the move.

Communicate with your tenants before the check out

In Houses of Multiple Occupation, it can be very difficult to get everyone together at once. Communicate with the tenants to remind them of their check out date discuss if you would like someone (or all) tenants present to meet the clerk. Let them know the time and dates well in advance. It helps to let them know what to expect, this will reduce difficulties further into the process.

Always use a third party check out inventory specialist

It pays to pay for a specialist when it comes to student check out inventories. A third-party inventory is far more credible if you need to raise a deposit dispute. It also alleviates tension between your tenants and yourself, if they are aware that it was completed by an independent person. You also want to ensure that you have a clear report, that’s easy to access and read and that clearly shows the tenants anything they are responsible for.

You can book your student check out by clicking here