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360 degree property inventory reports

We have seen a large rise in the number of requests for 360 degree property inventory reports. There are many benefits to adding 360 degree images to your property inventory reports.

What are 360 degree property inventory reports?

A 360 degree property inventory report is produced in the same way as a typical inventory report. You still receive a comprehensive report with descriptions and photographs of the properties overall condition. The 360 degree report also includes a 360 degree photograph of each room in the property. 360 photographs are uploaded onto the software so that all parties can view all aspects of the room.

What are the benefits of 360 degree property inventory reports?

Whilst all of our inventory reports contain photographs and description, 360 photographs go that extra step. Agents, landlords and tenants can view each corner of a room as it was on that day. The 360 degree photo can ensure that all basis are covered. For example, if there is a dispute over a particular section of a wall/window that wasnt photographed, the photo will be able to determine this. It is also useful for agents/landlords who don’t visit the property regularly, so they can see the condition in a more useful way. Additionally, sputes are much lower with the addition of a 360 photograph.

How much is a 360 property inventory report?

At Inventory Company we provide very reasonable prices. We charge £25 extra for the inclusion of 360 photographs on properties with up to 3 bedrooms. For properties over 3 bedrooms we charge an additional £50. Very large properties may be higher. Many of our customers feel this is a worthwhile spend for peace of mind.

How do I book a 360 property inventory?

Visit our ‘book now’ page and book like a normal inventory, just be sure to state you would like a 360 property inventory. You can also call us on 0203 488 5429.

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