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Inventory guide – created by NRLA in important collaboration with TDS

It has been announced the National Residential Landlord’s Association has collaborated with the Tenancy Deposit Scheme to provide a comprehensive guide to inventories. (The landlords’ guide to property inventories | NRLA). TEnsuring that landlords are happy their Inventory is robust enough. It can also help alleviate issues that arise at check out, minimising need for a dispute. Here at Inventory company we pride ourselves on the comprehensive nature of our reports. We ensure that every care is taken in attention to detail.

The guide highlights key points to look out for when reviewing inventories and check-outs. Including, checking smaller items such as bulbs, sockets and handles as well as larger items such as appliances and furniture. This reinforces the need for greater attention to detail ensuring that both the landlord and tenants are protected from any discrepancies that might arise.

“It’s important to be thorough when documenting your
inventory. You never know what you might need to claim for,
so it’s crucial to cover all areas. Some commonly overlooked
areas that are often missed are the inside of fridges, ovens,
and washing machines, the oven and the extractor hood, and
the inside of cupboards, wardrobes, both sides of mattresses
and bathroom units.” (pg 10, Landlords guide to Inventories, NRLA & TDS)

The guide highlights that although the reports may take time and be lengthy, it is important to create clarity regarding the condition. Reassuring both the landlords and tenants alike that a dispute is a less likely occurrence. The guide provides examples of how the reports should be structured and advice on what the best practice for completing the reports. If you wish to get a feel for how comprehensive the reports at Inventory Company are please follow the link to our sample report page. here you can find samples for all types of reports as well as a sample of the type of 360 photography we can offer.

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