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Pets and Inventories – new legislation

Pets and Inventories

Whilst Inventory reports aren’t a legal requirement, they are considered best practice. They are an important foundation of your tenancy, whether you are a landlord or tenant. This blog post looks specifically how pets and inventories relate.

To be able to agree a schedule of condition protects your deposit as well as the interest in your property. In a recent poll have found that half of landlords are refusing to accept pets in their properties. There is legislation within the proposed renters reform act that tries to stop discrimination against those with pets. But with uncertainty on whether this will be passed it is still an issue that may arise in any tenancy.

With an in-depth inventory and check out report, the issues surrounding pets can be alleviated. Thus ensuring that both the landlord and tenants are protected by providing a detailed schedule of condition as well as offering impartial direction at the end of the tenancy as to who any repairs are the responsibility of.

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