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Government ends emergency measures to protect tenants during the pandemic

The Eviction Ban is ending on 31st May 2021

During the pandemic, the government implemented emergency measures to help tenants who may be struggling to pay rent or keep their home while the country was in such an uncertain state. The measures in place included a minimum 6-month notice period for landlords and a ban on evictions.

The government has now announced that these measures are easing and the minimum notice that a landlord has to give for eviction has now been reduced from 6 months, down to 4 months. This is still higher than the 2 months usually applicable on a section 21 notice. The government have suggested that the usual notice period will likely return from 1st November.

Eviction court proceedings have also now been given the go ahead to resume from 31st May. Whilst landlords have been able to issue eviction notices throughout the pandemic, they’ve been unable to take it any further if the tenants are unable or unwilling to leave.

Campaign groups have urged the government to provide financial support for tenants and landlords, who may find themselves owing large sums of money after this length of time.