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Landlords responsibility for Smoke and CO2 Alarms

A Landlords obligation for smoke and CO2 detectors

Landlords – What you need to know about smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

What are the regulations around smoke and CO2 detectors in a privately rented property?

In October 2015 regulations were introduced to enforce a legal responsibility to protect tenants from CO2 poisoning and fires. Landlords are expected to ensure any property meets the legal requirements as follows:

  • Carbon Monoxide alarms must be installed in any room used as living accommodation where solid fuel is burning. Such as a wood-burning stove or fireplace. Although not legally required, installing them near gas appliances is also recommended.
  • Smoke alarms must be installed on every storey of the property.
  • You must ensure the alarms are checked and in working order on the first day of every new tenancy

Landlords who fail to comply with the regulations should expect a fine of up to £5,000.

How can Inventory Company help to ensure properties are compliant?

At Inventory Company we can help landlords not only with testing the fire alarms, but also with keeping an accurate record of those tests to ensure you are protected if a claim were to arise against you.

We check the fire and CO2 detectors on every inventory inspection, during which time we will record the audio sound and save it digitally so that it can be proven and accessed at any time.

We offer support to all of our landlords and let you know if we believe your property may be falling short of expected legal standards.