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What is a property inventory?

What is a property Inventory?

It’s a question we are asked by landlord’s regularly – what is a property inventory? And do I need one? Let’s explore what a property inventory is below:

What happens at a property inventory?

A specially trained clerk will come to the property to record the contents and condition of it at the time. They will photograph all of the items in the property, including things like light switches, floors and walls, and document what condition they are in.

Do Inventory Clerk’s check a property is compliant?

Our inventory clerks test all fire alarms, co2 detectors and heat sensors to ensure the property is compliant. We also take audio recordings of the test for you to keep as a record if required. All windows are tested to ensure they open as required and we will let the landlord or agent know of any repairs we think need doing urgently.

Do Inventory Clerk’s check meter readings?

Yes, our clerks carry universal keys for meter cupboards so will be able to take meter readings at the start and end of the tenancy. This will be accompanied by photographic evidence so that all parties are clear where liability lies for the bills.

Who needs to be present for a property inventory?

This is entirely at the owners discretion. We can collect the keys from the landlord and agency and return them there if the landlord does not wish to come. If we are conducting a tenant check in, we will talk them through the property, meter readings and any damage/issues noted while we’re there. Tenants also sometimes like to remain present for the check out inventory.

What is the purpose of an inventory?

By documenting the contents and condition at tenant check in, you then have a document to refer to when the tenant checks out and therefore, proof that any damage now present, was done during the course of the tenancy and not before. The inventory is a vital document for protecting you against deposit disputes.

Me or my tenant disagree with the inventory – what do we do?

All of our comments are supported with photographs, however if you think the clerk has missed something, you do have 7 days from receipt of the report to add your comments or photographs directly onto it.  A report is classed as signed and agreed to after 7 days.