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Why Should You Have a 360 Inventory Report For Your Home?

The 360 inventory report has great importance from a viewpoint of real estate. Integration of 360-degree camera technology along with device photography provides detailed information about everything within the premises of the home. No matter how advanced video capturing technology you use, the 360  capture technology is the most modern and highly advanced way of covering all the aspects of a home and fully describes the property.

Let’s discuss the importance of a 360-degree inventory report for your home.

Allows robust before and after comparison

Whether you are going to proceed with home renovation or want to proceed with a detailed inspection of the property from a real estate point of view, a 360 video inventory report will serve as solid evidence. It provides a clear-cut “before and after” comparison by covering every corner of the home.

Record of the home condition before and after the tenants

If you want to avoid any future problems with tenants, you should get a detailed 360 video inventory report before the tenants move in. If you think that the tenants have caused damage to your property, you can show a 360 inventory video inventory report as proof. As a result, you will be able to charge them for any damage done to the property.

Remember that when you will have a complete record of the home condition including the condition of fixtures, furniture, lighting, and the overall cleanliness and aesthetic beauty of the home, you can proceed with property damage claims more confidently.

Provides a record of meter readings

If you have a detailed 360 video inventory report, you can incorporate unique photographs revealing all the details of meter readings. In this way, you can get an idea of how much energy was being consumed by the tenants.

Moreover, the overall record of meter readings helps you in leak detection and estimation of overall energy consumption.

Exceptional Property Photography

Property photography is important when it comes to selling the house. With the 360 video inventory report, the overall home’s value is enhanced because the potential buyers will be able to know about all the realistic details.

Remember that interior photos taken from every angle give detailed insight to the buyers even before visiting the house. As a result, your home can get sold at a better price than expected.

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